Wear Protection

Since the 1980s Dalmia GSB‘s NiFlex 4 Hose Elbows are successfully counteracting the wear and tear in pneumatically operated pipelines.
The NiFlex 4’s flexibility due to its smart design and the high wear resistance brought about by a multitude of NiHard 4 segments integrated into a rubber hose made this product the reliable force its large base of regular customers likes to make use of.

This Hose Elbow can easily be embedded into pneumatic pipelines via its standard flange connections or couplings.
The field of industries and their applications for this product is manifold. From the lime, magnesium and calciumcarbide pipelines in steel plants, or the alternative fuel ducts in cement plants to the dry concrete channels at construction suppliers and many other applications in between (coal, fly ash, animal feed, etc.). For finer intensively abrasive mediums like quartzide, graphite, or fluorspar, Dalmia GSB’s CeraFlex Hose Elbow with its aluminum oxide segments is a sensible solution.

Dalmia GSB’s CeraTile Hose builds the latest addition to our wear protection portfolio. This high performance flexible tube made out of a specially developed rubber with textile inserts and steel spirals topped off by an inner surface made out of small plates of aluminum oxide does go long distances of length and time for our customers. It even comes with a warning system that will alert the user in case of an impending wear out.

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