Flash Smelter
This is a special type of furnace from construction point of view where primary smelting is done. This furnace requires Mag-Chrome co-sinters with high degree of spinel formation and direct bonding. Mag-Chrome bricks with a high degree of spinel formation and bonding provide resistance to high hot abrasion.
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Isasmelt Reactor
An Isasmelt reactor is an upright-cylindrical shaped steel vessel with molten bath of slag, matte or metal (depending on the application) at the bottom of the furnace. A steel lance is lowered into the bath through a hole in the roof of the furnace, and air or oxygen-enriched air is injected through the lance into the bath. Because of the vigorous agitation caused in the bath, high quality of refractory is needed due to extremely acidic slag. Dalmia GSB’s Alumina-SiC-Carbon Bricks are an excellent solution due to their resistance to erosion and chemical attack from the acidic slag of the furnace.
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Reverberatory Furnace
This is a smelting furnace used in copper production treating either roasted calcine or raw copper sulfide concentrate, which encounters similar type of thermo-mechanical stresses as a flash smelter. Dalmia GSB’s Magnesia Chrome Bricks are known for their superior resistance to sulfur dioxide attack.
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Mitsubishi Furnace
This is the most advanced industrial manifestation of copper making process which employs three furnaces (smelting, electric slag and converting furnace) connected by continuous gravity flow of molten metal. Dalmia GSB’s Alumina-SiC-Carbon bricks provide excellent resistance to pyrochemical attacks.
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